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Events: Add Contact To Event

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Add Contact To Event

POST /v2/event/save/contact

This API will add the contact with specified Contact Id to an event with specified Event Number.

EventNumber    Integer

An Event Number to which contact is to be added.

ContactType    Object {Id, Name}

Type of contact to be associated with an Event. The Contact Type must exist in your Priava Account. Passed in JSON format where:
Id = Id of the Contact Type.
Name = Name of the Contact Type.

IsPrimary    Boolean

true if contact to be added as a primary contact to an Event, false otherwise.

ContactId    Long

The Unique Id of the contact to be added to an Event.

   "EventNumber": 668,
   "ContactType": {
      "Id": 27,
      "Name": "Contact"
   "IsPrimary": false,
   "ContactId": 100400578
   "success": true,
   "result": ""