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Events: Delete Catalogue Items

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Delete Catalogue Items

POST /v2/event/delete/catl

This API deletes the catalogue items from event.


CatalogueId    Long

Id of the catalogue item which needs to be deleted.

CatalogueType   String

Name of the Catalogue Type that is to be deleted. The allowed values are 'Venues', 'VenueRates', 'Charges', 'PaymentRequest', 'PaymentReceived', 'Credits', 'Bonds', 'EventDetails', 'Food', 'Beverage', 'Inventory', 'Packages'.

Note: Catalogue Items already invoiced cannot be deleted.

{ "CatalogueId": 104545480, "CatalogueType": "Food" },
"CatalogueId": 104545570,
"CatalogueType": "Beverage"
   "success": true,
   "result": {}