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Using Webhook

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What is Webhook

Webhooks are automated calls from example.com to a server. Those calls are triggered when a specific event happens on example.com. For example, if a new user signs up on example.com, the automated call may be configured to ask the server to send out a welcome email.

When to use Webhook?

One common scenario to use Webhook is when your app or platform demands real-time updates, but you don’t want to waste your resources. In this instance, a webhook framework would be beneficial.

Using Webhook in Priava

Priava support Webhooks for both Contacts, Organisations and Events.

  •  You need to register subscription in Priava and in turn Priava system will callback the registered callback URL whenever any contact or organisation is updated for a specific tenant. Authentication remains same to pass APIToken and TenantRegion in Request Headers as with other API calls.

 To create subscription:


Sample InputData:
    "subscription_url": "https://callbackdomain.com/path",

Note: Returns Subscription ID which can be used in update subscription or delete subscription API call.

Sample Response:
    "result": 1,
    "success": true