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File Upload : Contact/Event/Opportunity/Organisation

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Contact: FileUpload

POST /api/rest/v2/files/upload

This API returns a file uploaded by user and it's details.

allowOverWrite    boolean

If true, an existing file with the same file name for given contact will be replaced by the new file.

module    String

Module name (possible values: Contact, Event, Opportunity, Organisation).

id   Long

Id of the module for whom the file is uploaded. 

Note: File to be uploaded need to be provided in binary format and content type should be multipart/form-data.

Query Parameters
allowOverWrite: false
id: 1006451
Form Data

    "result": {
        "CreatedBy": {
            "Name""John Smith",
        "DateCreated""09/07/2020 17:40",
        "ModifiedBy": {
            "Name""John Smith",
        "FileType""PDF File",
        "DateModified""09/07/2020 17:40",