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DocuSign Integration

Administrators Only!

Only system administrators can configure Integrations. If you are not an administrator, please consult a member of your team that is an administrator to increase the level of access you have been granted.

Preparing, sending and managing contracts for events and bookings has never been easier thanks to the launch of Priava’s DocuSign integration. DocuSign is the leading provider of e-signature technology, so by using this integration, Priava users can move further away from manual, paper-based agreement processes and shift even closer to running their businesses entirely online.

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What Information Can You Sync?

The Priava/DocuSign integration is native and bidirectional and the following data is updated in real-time:

  • When an electronic document is sent, delivered, signed, declined, completed or auto responded via DocuSign, the DocuSign Status will be updated in Priava under the Communication and Files Tabs.
  • When an electronic document is signed by the client in DocuSign, the new signed document will be uploaded to files automatically.

Summary of Triggers & Actions

Below is a summary of how documents are handled by the integration:

Priava Trigger DocuSign Action 
A user ticks the "Send via DocuSign" checkbox

A document is sent via email to the client to sign


DocuSign Trigger Priava Action
An electronic document is signed by the client in DocuSign

The new signed document will be uploaded to Files in Priava

What Subscriptions Do You Need?

To achieve integration between Priava and DocuSign, you will need:

  • An active Priava subscription including the API module – we also recommend that you purchase the Sandbox module for testing purposes.
  • A valid and active DocuSign subscription with API access enabled.

How Much Does It Cost?

Contact your Account Manager for further information and pricing.


Configuration Prerequisite Checklist

Below is an outline of all of the steps that must be taken prior to configuring the integration in Priava:

Steps to be taken in DocuSign:

  1. Create a developer account in DocuSign
  2. Create a connected app in DocuSign
  3. Create Integration Key (Client ID) & Secret Key (Client Secret Key)
  4. Store Account ID and Account's Base URl values 

How-to Instructions

Once you have completed the steps outlined in the checklist above, follow the step-by-step instructions to configure your integration: 

  1. Configuring DocuSign Integration In Priava
  2. Configuring Priava Integration in DocuSign - Developer
  3. Configuring Priava Integration in DocuSign - Production