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Configuring DocuSign - Production

Administrators Only!

Only system administrators can configure Integrations. If you are not an administrator, please consult a member of your team that is an administrator to increase the level of access you have been granted.

Preparing, sending and managing contracts for events and bookings has never been easier thanks to the launch of Priava’s DocuSign integration. DocuSign is the leading provider of e-signature technology, so by using this integration, Priava users can move further away from manual, paper-based agreement processes and shift even closer to running their businesses entirely online.

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Beginner's Tip!

If you're just setting up a demo / test account you don't have to proceed with the Go-Live process, you can remain in developer mode and your account won't expire.


Beginner's Tip!

Before we can move an account to production,

  • we must have 20 API calls within a 24 hours period. You can check this by going to the Integrations Apps & Keys section and scrolling to the API Dashboard. Generally, each document sent, signed and completed is 3 API calls. So we would need at least 7-10 documents to be sent as tests via the Developer Account currently configured within a 24 hour period.
  • Have a paid production account (this includes a trial account).
  • Administrator account to the production account

Full details can be found at https://developers.docusign.com/docs/esign-rest-api/go-live/

Moving to a Production DocuSign account

  1. Select the App with the configured integration key > Actions > Start Go-Live Review


  2. On the popup press Submit for Review.

  3. The status will take upto 20 minutes to change. You can review this looking at the status under "App Name". Refresh the screen to see the latest status.


  4. Once approved, you will see the "Review Passed" status appear. Next, you must confirm the decision to go-live and select a production DocuSign account to use to promote the key.


  5. To promote your key to your production account, open the Apps and Keys page for your developer (demo) account if you're not already there.

  6. Next to the integration key you want to promote, select Actions > Select Go-Live Account.


  7. You are prompted to choose a production account (or log into a production account). Click NEXT.

  8. In the login window that appears, log in to the production account you want to use to manage the integration key using your production DocuSign account credentials (not your developer account credentials). After logging in, you will be prompted to accept the developer terms and conditions. Note that you may need to enable pop-ups in your browser.

  9. Next, you will be prompted to select a production account to use to promote the key.


  10. After selecting a production account, the key's status will change to Pending Approval. You do not need to take any action at this point. Your key will be promoted within three business days of reaching this status. Press OK.


  11. Once approved you'll receive an email to say the review process has been completed and your key has been promoted.


  12. You now have to login to the Production (live) DocuSign account, open the Apps and Keys page and copy the API Account ID and Account's Base URI so we can update our Priava Integration details.


  13.  Now login to Priava as an admin user.

  14. Go to Admin > Integrations > DocuSign which will have our Developer Account details we're about to update to production.


  15. On the DocuSign screen, select Edit and
    • Uncheck Developer Mode 
    • Replace Account ID with the production DocuSign API Account ID you copied in step 12.
    • Replace Accounts Base URI (URL) with Account's Base URI you copied in step 12.
    • Press Save.


  16. You have completed the steps required to setup your production DocuSign Integration in Priava admin.

  17.  Each user will need to provide consent once to connect their Production DocuSign account with Priava. This needs to be done while the user attempts to send a document via DocuSign by repeating the steps outlined in Providing consent for the first time (log in with your developer account).