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Configuring the Xero Integration in Priava

Administrators Only!

Only system administrators can configure Integrations. If you are not an administrator, please consult a member of your team that is an administrator to increase the level of access you have been granted.

Priava's Xero integration allows you to share information about payments and invoices between Priava and Xero in real-time, making it easier for you to reconcile payments between the two systems.

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Beginner's Tip!

Please make sure you have completed all items outlined on the Configuration Prerequisite Checklist prior to configuring this integration.


Configuring the Xero Integration in Priava

To configure the Xero integration:

  1. From the Admin page, under "Integrations", select "Xero"


  2. Click mceclip9.png

  3. Enter the Client Id and Client Secret that were generated while creating a connected app in Xero


  4. Click mceclip10.png and you will be redirected to the Xero login page.
    allow access
  5. Log into Xero and click mceclip12.png

  6. A message will appear when the setup has been successfully completed - this may take a few seconds to appear.


Running a Full Sync of Tax Type

To run a full sync of Tax Type:

  1. From the Admin page, under "Integrations", select "Xero"


  2. Under the mceclip2.png tab, select Tax Type


  3. Click mceclip3.png

  4. Select Get Taxtype to Xero - Create TaxType


  5. Click edit-obm.JPG

  6. Tick the Full Sync Checkbox


  7. Click save_buttonocm.PNG


Beginner's Tip!

Provided you have completed all of the steps outlined in the Configuring the Priava Integration in Xero article and all of the steps outlined above, you have now completed the configuration process and your integration is ready to use. We recommend that you test the integration to ensure it is working as expected.