Configuring the Priava Integration in Salesforce

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Priava's Salesforce integration allows you to share information about events, opportunities, contacts (both account contacts and person accounts), and organisations including their associated tasks, notes and file attachments between Priava and Salesforce in real-time.

Only system administrators can configure Integrations. If you are not an administrator, please consult a member of your team that is an administrator to increase the level of access you have been granted.


Please make sure you have completed all items outlined on the Configuration Prerequisite Checklist prior to configuring this integration.

Creating a connected app in Salesforce account

To create a connected app in Salesforce:

  1. Log into Salesforce application with System Administrator account. (URL:


  2. Clickmceclip13.png on the top right and click Setup 

  3. On the Navigation pane on the left, go to App Manager under PLATFORM TOOLS


  4. Click  mceclip1.png

  5. Under Basic Information, enter the mandatory information including a name for your Connected App, your API Name and contact email address


  6. Tick the Enable OAuth Settings checkbox under 'API (Enable OAuth Settings)'


  7. Add the relevant callback URLs in the Callback URL text box
  8. Under Selected OAuth Scopes section, add the following scopes from 'Available OAuth Scopes' to 'Selected OAuth Scopes':
    • Full access (full)
    • Perform requests on your behalf at any time (refresh_token, offline_access)
  9. Click mceclip7.png 

  10. Click mceclip8.png

  11. Click  mceclip9.png

  12. Under OAuth Policies, set the selection for 'Permitted Users' field to All users may self-authorize, 'IP Relaxation' field to Relax IP restrictions and for 'Refresh Token Policy' field to Refresh token is valid until revoked.


  13. Click mceclip7.png

  14. On the Navigation pane on the left, go to App Manager under PLATFORM TOOLS


  15. Locate the app you created and from the drop-down on the right, click on View


  16. Under 'API (Enable OAuth Settings)', you will find the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret values. Save these values as they will be required for Salesforce Authentication in Priava.


Now that you have created your Connected App, read this article to learn how to configure your integration in Priava Admin. Remember you will need the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret mentioned above to configure this integration.

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