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NetSuite Integration: Configuring NetSuite OAuth Setup

Administrators Only!

Only system administrators can configure Integrations. If you are not an administrator, please consult a member of your team that is an administrator to increase the level of access you have been granted.

NetSuite Integration is designed to keep NetSuite and Priava in sync with contact, organisation, catalogue items, events, invoices and payments.

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Configuring NetSuite OAuth Setup

To configure the NetSuite OAuth Setup:

  1. Log into NetSuite Application via the following URL: https://netsuite.com

  2. On the Navigation Menu at the top of the screen, hover over the mceclip0.png

  3. Hover over Company on the drop-down menu


  4. Click mceclip0.png in the Setup Tasks drop down menu


  5. Click mceclip2.png tab

  6. Under the SuiteScript section, make sure Client SuiteScript and Server SuiteScript are checked


  7. Under the Manage Authentication section, check the Token-based Authentication box 


  8. Click mceclip6.png

View Existing Applications

To view your existing applications:

  1. On the Navigation Menu, hover over the mceclip0.png

  2. Hover over Integrations


  3. Click mceclip3.png to view a list of all Integration Applications that you have configured in NetSuite 


Adding a Role to an Existing User

To Add a Role to an existing user (Employee):

  1. On the Navigation Menu at the top of the screen, hover over the mceclip0.png tab

  2. Hover over Employees on the drop-down menu


  3. Click mceclip8.png

  4. Click mceclip4.png next to the name of the employee you want to assign the token-based authentication role

  5. Click the mceclip5.png sub-tab

  6. In the Role field, select the token-based authentication role for this employee


  7. Click mceclip10.png

Generate a New Token for Authentication

To Generate a new token for authentication:

  1. On the Navigation Menu at the top of the screen, hover over the mceclip0.png tab

  2. Hover over the User/Roles on the drop-down menu

  3. Hover over Access Tokens


  4. Click mceclip21.png

  5. Select the Application Name, User and Role on the Access Token page


  6. The Token Name is already populated with the selection of Application Name. Enter your own name for this token, if desired.


  7. Click mceclip23.png

  8. Once completed, the system will present Token ID and Token Secret for this application. Please save these two values as you will need to supply these to Priava to complete the configuration.

Beginner's Tip!

Provided you have completed all of the steps outlined above, you have now completed your part of the configuration process. Please contact Priava and provide your Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Token ID and Token Secret and we will complete the remainder of the configuration process. Once we have done this, we will provide a further update so that you can begin testing the integration. Please note that we recommend that you configure and test the integration in a Sandbox to ensure it is working as expected prior to using it in your live environment.